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East of Eden - The Best of Thailand’s Markets

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Thailand is known for its distinct and diverse markets. From day markets and floating makrets to night markets and fashion markets, each one has a unique offering for travelers.

One of the most popular attractions in Thailand are the diverse markets. Although you may have seen these markets in movies, to truly appreciate their beauty and uniqueness, you should set aside one day of your travel itinerary to visit the markets.

1 - Neon Night Market

If you only have a few days to spend in Bangkok, the Neon Night Market is the best centrally located market in the Siam or Silom area.You can easily walk over to Neon Market in minutes to enjoy a fun evening, go on a shopping spree or try some delicious street food.

Outdoor bars, some with live music, line the streets along with clothing, jewelry and handcraft vendors.If you're looking for delicious food, seafood is the top choice at this market. Taikong Seafood is one of the most unique and popular restaurants because they have an all-you-can-eat option where you catch your seafood live from a tank and cook or barbeque it at your table — an delectable delight!.

Another added touch to this electric market are the bas in the back of the market which are housed in shipping containers. Some even have rooftop seatings to provide a scenic view of the city.

2 - Four Regions Floating Market, Pattaya

Although Bangkok has a variety of floating markets, Pattaya probably has the best floating market in Thailand. The largest market in in the country, Four Regions Floating Market is the best tourist attraction because it provides a relaxing laid-back environment that contrasts from the hustle and bustle of the main cities.

Four Regions Floating Market is close to the Pattaya Underwater World and is over 100,000 sqm in size. It is divided into four sections - North, Northeast, South, Central. Each region sells goods according to the region it represents. There are a total 114 shops, and the vendors sell everything from delicious Thai food to art.

Make sure you take pictures! There are so many amazing sights to see from astonishing wood carvings, bold artwork and one-of-a-kind clothing. There’s also a daily culture show full of performances that you can watch.

3 - Bangkok Flower Market

Not only is Pak Khlong Talat, the Bangkok Flower Market one of the largest flower markets in the world, itremains the biggest flower market in Thailand.

While finding exotic flora is no challenge for tourists, making a purchase may not be a wise choice, as these flowers are commonly sold in bulk of 100 or more. But this shouldnt discourage you from going to the market as this is a great opportunity to learn the influence of flowers in Thai culture.

Finding imported species such as iris, tulips, delphinium, snapdragons, lisianthus, and others as well as the local variety like gerbera, roses, jasmine, orchids, chrysanthemum, and lilies is easy. There are lots of other items on sale within the market including accessories and props. These include decorative leaves, floral foam, twigs, flower pots, ribbons, vases, and more.

You can also book a flower arranging service from most of the Pak Khlong Talat vendors. If you are having a special occasion like a wedding, it is also possible to get floral accessories, flower garlands, and bouquets which are all pre-made.

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