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About EVOZ

Travel is more than a much needed vacation or quick getaway. It is the lifeblood of our culture. It took a brave traveler to discover the unknown, to create civilizations and to share the stories from every corner of the earth. It took a traveler like you and me, to go beyond. To transcend the possible.

I encourage each and every one of you to embark on a journey that will stretch your imagination and open your heart. The further you go, the more you will find that we are all the same. We are every day people looking to connect back to ourselves.


When you book with EVOZ Travel our goal is not to simply book your flight or find a comfy hotel room. Our goal is to exponentially change your life through travel. 


Welcome Aboard!

C. Vanessa 

C. Vanessa Oatman

Travel Transcendent

Tampa Travel Agency

Miami Art District, 2019
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